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Easy Christmas Centerpieces

It’s almost time for Christmas entertaining;  both for family dinners and parties. Your dining room table won’t be complete without a fabulous centerpiece.

Here are a few ideas that are so easy, you can do them yourself!


For these cute centerpieces, all you need is a bag of cranberries, some epsom salt, and whatever type of container you want to use. The designer above used cedar leaves, twigs, candles, and paper cone trees over wine glasses!


How easy and beautiful is this? Fill a bowl of water with apples and tea lights.



If you want a more traditional look, go for the grapevine wreath, greenery, pine cones, and add  a hurricane lantern with a candle and more cranberries.



Turn those wine glasses upside down! (If they’re not being used, of course!) Pop an ornament underneath and a votive candle on top… arrange different sizes and you’ve got a piece of art!


No matter what your Christmas decorating, taste, you can make a centerpiece to fit your needs.Enjoy… and Merry Christmas!


Ideas and pictures from diyncrafts.com. Please see website for complete list of directions and even more ideas!