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Living Wall


Have you ever thought of creating a living wall?  Whether it is part of a building or free standing, it is healthy and great to look at. Also known as green walls, these vertical gardens are packed with plants that benefit everything from our lungs to our ears!

A green wall will help improve the quality of air in any environment. It acts as a natural air filter, purifying the polluted air as it releases clean oxygen.


a green wall can turn any dull and dreary room into an inviting and alluring environment. This can be great for creating a good first impression and giving your home a nice colorful touch. It will add some green to your four walls and be a great talking point when you have guests over.


Did you know however than installing a green wall acts as a natural air conditioner, balancing humidity levels in the process to keep us comfortable?

You might be wondering how can a bunch of plants help to reduce noise levels.  The foliage absorbs and reflects the noise that comes its way, so if there’s a room in your home you want to make as peaceful and relaxing as possible, a living green wall can help – and that’s not to mention the general sense of calm and well-being that comes from being around greenery!