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Make the Most of your Patio

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to start thinking out you can make the most of your outdoor time by making your patio or deck an outdoor living room! There are a few things to keep in mind.

Quality Furniture

Here in Texas we are fortunate to be able to use our outdoor living areas pretty much year round. So when thinking about your outdoor furniture, be sure to invest in good, quality furniture that is made for withstanding the elements. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last!


Comfortable spaces add square footage

Decorating your patio with comfortable furniture decor will easily make your outdoor space feel as cozy as your indoor space. Your outdoor space can easily add to your home’s usable square footage and give you much more room for entertaining, eating or relaxing. This is a place you want to spend all day. And night!

Bigger is Better

If you are adding stone pavers, poured concrete or a wooden deck, design the area to be as large as possible. If you want your outdoor space to function as kitchen, dining and living area outside, you’ll want enough room to move furniture around and you won’t want too many transition areas (like stairs or gravel edges) for people to trip over. The eye tends to stop whenever there is a change in surface, like from paver to grass, so extending the space as much as possible will make the patio appear larger too.

 Connect Indoor Rooms to Outdoor Rooms

Designing a patio or deck that elegantly connects indoor living with outdoor living can be a great way to take advantage of your outdoor space all year long. Design something that can be used during inclement weather, and is easy for  the host or hostess to bring food or drinks from the kitchen outside. These fully expandable doors help maximize the indoor/outdoor feel and the connected outdoor bar finishes the look.


Built In Seating

Maximize your outdoor area with built-in seating. It’s the best way to have outdoor furniture without having to actually buy individual chairs, benches or stools.


Hire a Professional

You can do a few of these projects yourself, however some of them may require the help of a designer/contractor. Building a retaining wall or bench from stone or adding irrigation is something you probably won’t want to tackle on your own!  Be sure to add your own personal touch to your space, whether you did it or hired a pro!




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