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Hardscapes – Outdoor Living

Signature Hardscapes – Skilled Craftsmanship – Quality Materials

If you have spent anytime, at all, on our website, Facebook Page, Houzz, or anywhere you may find us. We seem to talk a lot about our Designers. It’s true, our https://www.outdoorsignature.com/why-us/why-outdoor-signature/Design Team is the heart of our company. That said, the heart can not beat on it’s own.

Our approach to design is very much reliant on the confidence our designers have in the Craftsmen that will be relied upon to build their projects. In turn, those Craftsmen have been given additional confidence with access to the highest quality materials available for our projects.

We may not be able to identify which aspect of our amazing staff has pushed our projects further. Has Design stretched the skills of our Craftsmen, or vis-versa. What we can be sure of is our clients are the beneficiaries of some of the best stonework, carpentry, tile work and concrete work anywhere. In most cases, our hardscape projects include several materials and specialties.

We welcome you to take a look at the photos throughout this website, on Facebook, Houzz or any of our Social Media pages. Once you see the work of Master Craftsmen with Stone, Rock, Mortar and Wood, lesser quality work will become intolerable.

Decks and Patios

Great outdoor spaces should look as good from as a distance as they feel when you are using them. Whether for entertainment, conversation or relaxation, there is more to designing wonderful spaces than most consider.

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Outdoor Living

Nearly every aspect of our projects falls under the category of outdoor living. Our designers felt it important that we display a special category that would highlight some of the unique outdoor living projects we have built over the decades.

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Outdoor Kitchens & Barbecues

One of the most popularly requested outdoor living projects is the outdoor kitchen. Incorporating BBQ's and appliances incorporated throughout a permanent structure built to withstand decades of ever-changing Texas Weather.

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Fireplaces & Fire-Pits

Over the decades, building outdoor living projects, our clients have happily expressed how they enjoy their fireplaces and fire-pits throughout the year. Places for solitary relaxation and wonderful gatherings through every season of the year. Our designers pay special attention to these beautiful features, knowing how much value they add to the lives of our clients.

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Signature Stonework

Outdoor living and pool and spa construction companies rise and fall on the quality of their stonework. Rock and stone have become central to outdoor living design in the North Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex. Outdoor Signature has been fortunate to have exclusive relationships with the best Stone Mason's in the area for decades. Once you see true quality stonework, it will become impossible to accept anything less.

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