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Tips For a Green, Healthy Lawn

The hot summer can cause your beautiful green grass to dry up and die. Here are a few tips for keeping it green and healthy throughout the hot summer months.

Watering Times:

The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning. This allows photosynthesis to take place and your grass will benefit. Watering at night creates too much moisture in the ground and disease can set in. Watering during the day is really just wasting water as most of it evaporates!

How Often to Water:
Water your lawn long and deep. You want the roots to develop deep down in the earth. If you water for short intervals daily, this won’t happen and the grass won’t be healthy. Water for longer amounts of time and less days per week.

Pay Attention to the Water:

Be sure that you are watering the lawn, not the sidewalk and street. If water starts to puddle or run off, then the are has received too much water. Be careful to turn OFF your automatic irrigation system on rainy days. Common sense, right? You would be surprised how many people waste water this way.

Oxygen is Necessary
Lawns do need air to breathe. It’s important to aerate your lawn periodically. You can hire someone to do this, or you can do it yourself. You can use a gardening fork and twist it in the ground at about 6 inch intervals.

Be sure to feed your lawn! Fertilize
your lawn so that your grass will receive the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive.

Be sure to mow each week or at least biweekly. Raise the blade on your mower so that the grass is a little higher. This will allow the water to absorb and stay in the ground longer and the grass won’t dry out as quickly.

Eliminate Weeds:
Try to stay on top of weed removal in your lawn. Pulling them by hand is the gentlest way to get rid of them. If they are out of control, then apply a weed killer to one area of the lawn at a time. Applying to the whole lawn at once is harmful to the root system of the grass.

Enjoy the summer and your beautiful green lawn!