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Outdoor Living Room Ideas

We have all heard “bringing the outside in”, but what about “bringing the inside out”? Creating an outdoor living room is a great way to extend your living space and make those summer days last long into the winter. As you consider ideas, remember that creating a relaxing, stylish outdoor living space can greatly increase your home’s value and provide you with your own private resort for friends and family to enjoy. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Check out the decking; the concrete is stained and stamped, natural stone creates a border, and the different colors create a permanent rug.

Party time! This is definitely taking the inside out. There’s lots of seating areas here, with different types  of seating.

My favorite element of this outdoor space is the built in seat and pillows/cushions. Imagine how easy it is to change this look around and/or update the look with a change in fabric or color.

A good mix of rustic and modern design with the simple iron furniture and the rough-hewn cedar columns and doors covering the TV.

The modern blue pop of mosaic tiles with the saw-cut natural stone seats shows a great rustic/modern flair!

Another outdoor room idea is to create an arch, trellis or doorway leading to your outdoor room. This structure can give guests the distinct feeling of entering a new space, and you can add interest to the design with colorful climbing plants.

Fencing is another great way to frame an outdoor room. Latticework, bamboo, weathered barn wood or even shrubs can create a stylish boundary for your outdoor living space.

To protect your outdoor room from the elements, consider adding a roof such as in an arbor or pavilion. This way, your outdoor living space will be open for enjoyment even during inclement weather.

Don’t be afraid to add stylish accents and traditional indoor furnishings to your outdoor room. Carpets, throw pillows for furniture, and other design touches will create a welcoming feel. Just make sure they’re rated for outdoor use if they’ll be exposed to the elements.